How'd we get here?

It just takes a couple minutes to understand the basic causes for dysfunction.

1. How'd we get here

2. The collateral damage

3. Real life solutions

To start, it's not a problem of individuals.
Or a single group.

Demonization isn't the answer.
Our system incentives aren't built to provide what we want from it.
Most healthcare professionals are amazingly altruistic.
But our system is crushing many of them.

So then how'd we get here?

We all know healthcare is broken. But why?
Following the money is a good place to start.
It's the root cause for most of our problems.

It started with tax policy.

During WWII we had wage controls, but employer-paid benefits didn't count.
To attract employees, employers started offering more and more health benefits.
This is our original sin. It could also be the font of redemption.

This led to dysfunction in what and how we pay.

We're sheltered from prices and focus on certain types of care.

Focus on sickcare

Caregivers are typically only paid when patients need care, not to keep them from needing care (even though many are very good at this).

Opaque pricing

For lots of reasons, very few of us (including doctors and hospitals) know how much we pay for care or how much it costs to provide.

This has big consequences.

Our system's financial incentives aren't aligned with the outcomes we want.

Overuse and overtreatment

Over decades, we've made millions of small decisions to increase use, which increases gain.

We undervalue what keeps us healthy

We allocate a tiny % of spending to many of the areas that help keep us healthy.

Plus, technology ends up hurting more than helping care

Healthcare is the only industry where technology results in higher costs and lower productivity.

This is what's behind 50+ years of hyper-inflation.

Poor financial incentives + we all need care + decades = where we are today.
Consumer goods prices have increased 8x over the last 50 years.
Healthcare prices have increased 274x.
It's time to fix healthcare.

Now you know how we got here.

This is obviously highly-simplified, but it's the basics without the jargon.
The Big Heist will explore the root causes, collateral damage, and real-life fixes.
Keep going to see examples of a few fixes in action.

This has caused enormous collateral damage.

This hyperinflation has taken from nearly every group and corner of society.
Even if healthcare isn't your issue, hyper-inflation takes from your issue.

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